Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our members.
Taking care of truck drivers and their families is our #1 goal!

We know the trucking business and the unique and complex needs of professional truck drivers and owner operators. The benefits and services we provide make an immediate impact on our member's bottom line. The products we make available are packaged as an exclusive offering to our members that would otherwise not be available.

Independent Truckers Group (ITG) is a national membership organization with over 17 years of experience supporting the Independent Owner Operator, Fleets, Agents, and Motor Carriers providing services and benefits to improve life for the independent driver. Membership into ITG offers access to a series of exclusive discounts and services tailored to the needs of our members. In addition, a host of supplemental life and health insurance plans have been negotiated for members and can be obtained on a voluntary basis for an additional premium.